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Rodents, such as rats and mice, are a critical issue that affects many Australian homes. Rodents find our houses as a source for food, water and shelter. Not only do rodents spread diseases and contaminate food, but they also cause damage to your home by persistently biting on water pipes, clothes, woods, heater and electrical cables. Rodent infestations are common cause for several water leakage and fires every year in Melbourne.

Rodents can grow their population around your home fast as they breed rapidly. They can put your family’s and employees’ health at risk. Contact our pest control experts to treat the rodent entry points and harbourage areas throughout your property. We use modern and advanced rat and mice pest control techniques. With years of experience providing quality services, we have built an excellent reputation in Melbourne’s pest control industry.

At Rats Removal in Melbourne, we constantly review our rat control methods and techniques to provide the most comprehensive solutions to homeowners and businesses across Melbourne. We only use the most effective, natural, non-toxic substances wherever possible to eliminate rodents completely from your property. With services available seven days a week, we quickly respond to your concerns and do whatever it takes to mouse-proof your property.

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Rodent Control Melbourne


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Thanks, Guys, I found these guys on the web, very professional, in a few days all rats disappear, no more scratching noise.

Vickie Li

Great service, punctual, friendly and efficient. Nick did a thorough check on my entire building (roof and inside the house) and provided me with a lot of suggestions to get rid of rats. Extremely knowledgeable about controlling rats. If you need a rat controlling specialist, definitely choose this company.

Sarthak Thikekar
This is the best pest control centre over and it is very best in working
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    Types of Rats Found in Melbourne

    black rat
    Black Rat

    Also called roof rats, they are known to munch on fruits, grains, cereals and food items. Have a lifespan of up to 1 year, they are identified by their spindle-like droppings. These rats have grey, black or brown-coloured fur, and are known for their exceptional climbing ability.

    wildlife, rodent, rat-3552300.jpg
    Brown Rats

    Also known as Norway rats, brown rats have exceptional digging and swimming skills. Weighing heavier and appearing bigger, these rats feed on starch and protein-rich foods such as fish, earthworms, nuts, weeds, etc. They are identified by their banana-like droppings.

    mouse, rodent, cute-1751016.jpg
    House Mouse

    House mice can make their nest both outdoor and indoors. With pointed noses, hairy ears and long bodies, these rats have grey or brown fur. Identified through their tiny spindle-like droppings, the house mice feed on cereals, animal feed, nuts, fruits and grains.

    How To Get Rid Of Rats?

    Nobody wants to live with rats, but unfortunately, they are found everywhere. With rats having a gestational period of less than a month, their population quickly gets out of control. As their populations start to grow in and around your home, you will notice extensive damage to your property.

    The only option to reclaim your home is to figure out how to get rid of rats fast. If the DIY method doesn’t work, don’t be anxious. The experts at Rats Removal Melbourne can do this safely and effectively. Having helped hundreds of customers around Melbourne with their rat problems, we can help you keep rats and rodents at the bay.

    Signs Of Rat Infestations

    Before we get into action, we will look for some tell-tale signs to ensure the presence of rat infestations in your property. They are as follows:

    • Stale Smells – ongoing stale ammonia smell coming from hidden areas.
    • Strange Sounds – scurrying noise beneath the floors, burrowing sound behind the walls and scampering noise around the cabinets.
    • Footprints – distinctive footprints and tail marks along the places they travel.
    • Droppings – small, dark, pellet shaped droppings and grease marks & smudges along the walls
    • Gnaw Marks – gnaw marks on the walls, food packaging, furniture, electrical cords, paper and left-over food.  
    • Nests – nesting materials such as shredded paper, bits of fabric, insulation or dried plant stuff. 
    • Pet Behaviour – unusual pet behaviours such as barking, being extremely alert and pawing at specific areas of your home. 

    Rat Control Methods

    Once we ascertain the presence of rat infestation, we use any one or combination of the following rat control methods to eliminate the rodent problem. 

    1. Digital Rat Trap

    These traps come with no-escape design and make use of sensors to differentiate mice and rats. When the sensor is activated, the door opens and allows only the targeted rodent species into the station, preventing non-targeted animals from accessing the baits. 

    2. Non-Toxic Snap Trap

    Though this trap takes a conventional design, it provides a non-toxic solution to your rat problem. This system allows 24/7 monitoring and capturing, thus resulting in rapid response from our rat control experts.   

    3. Rodent Baiting

    Rodent baits are formulated to control the population of rats. They can be placed in and round your home, roofs & attics, rodent burrows and at entry points, and are suitable for all weather conditions. 

    4. Rodent Tracking

    We use fluorescent tracking gel that helps us to quickly identify the routes, tracks and hideouts of the rodents. This gel is applied in areas where activities of rodents are noted so that the gel will be picked up on the rodents’ feet. Then, we use a UV light to track the routes and locations of the rodents. 

    5. Rodent Proofing 

    Rats relentlessly search for water, food and shelter, and make use of any opportunity to enter your premises. Our rodent proofing services involves sealing all potential entry points, and thus reducing the risk of rat infestation in your property. 

    6. Rat Baits We Use

    Baits, when used properly, will help ridding your home of rats and mice. With so many varieties of baits available on the market today, Rats Removal In Melbourne rely on the following types to alleviate the rodent infestations. 

    7. Ready-To-Use Baits

    Available mostly in the form of treated whole grain or pellets, the ready-to-use baits are very effective and easy to use with a quick and high success rates. 

    8. Paraffin Blocks

    These wax bait paraffin blocks can slaughter various types of rats and mice that consume a lethal dose in just one feeding. 

    9. Single & Multiple Dose Anticoagulant Rodenticides

    While the former type will cause the death of rats in a single feeding, the later one requires rodents to feed on it for several consecutive days to cause death. 

    10. Tracking Powder

    This is used in two ways – one way is to mix it with some food sources that the rodents are attracted to. Another way is to sprinkle this powder over the areas where the rodents are sighted to cause oral poisoning. 

    11. Liquid Baits

    The liquid baits are popular rat poison and are widely used by the pest control experts. They can be used in areas having dry conditions and in places where there are no water sources. 

    12. Gel & Paste

    They can be used the same way as wax blocks, but for effective result, you can apply the past on coconut, bread or other dry foods and place them in areas where you suspect the activities of rodents. 

    13. Fumigants

    We use this technique only if the infestation is severe and quick elimination is required. 

    Areas We Treat

    Rodents usually prefer to nest in places that are secure, warm and with easy access to water and food. At Rats Removal Melbourne, we treat every area of your home that provides favourable condition for the rodents to survive, including:

    • Roof attics, lofts & eave line
    • Wall cavities 
    • Gaps around pipes and cabling
    • Cozy corners
    • Basements & cellars
    • Garages
    • Sheds & outdoor structure
    • Burrows 

    Our pest control experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to determine the level of infestation and decide upon the right pest control method for your specific situation. In addition, we also provide you with expert advice and education on how to determine the early signs of rats and the techniques to make your home less inviting to these rodents. 

    We serve across multiple locations in Melbourne including. Richmond, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Pakenham, Frankston, Epping, Berwick, Narre Warren, South Morang and Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. To book our Rats Removal service, feel free to call our rat removal experts at  (03) 8592 4758.

    Rat Removal Cost - How Much Does Rat Removal Cost in Melbourne ?

    Rat removal cost ranges from $150 – $300. The cost will vary depending on the size of your home and the severity of the infestation. Rats & Rodents can be difficult and costly to get rid of, but our experienced exterminator can help. They will identify what type of rodents are in your home and where they are coming in from. Most mouse and rodent treatments come with a six-month warranty. 

    Some of the common questions you might have about rats & rodents

    Frequently Asked Question

    Once the rats have entered your home, they will find a place to hide and breed, which will increase their numbers considerably. Though they know how to hide, there will be some signs that indicate their presence.

    Footprints – The feet of the rodents are easily distinguishable, so you can easily recognize them, particularly if they have built a nest in a filthy place such as the basement or attic.

    Teeth Marks – Rats wreak havoc in their way and gnaw on everything they see – electric cables, pipes, paper, nylon bags and rubber items. Their gnawing marks can be easily identified.

    Scratching Noise – Rats are highly active during the night, and you can hear the sounds of scratching if you stay awake.

    Foul Smell – When lots of tiny creatures live, breed, excrete, die and decompose within your property, you are sure to experience a foul smell.

    Rat Droppings – Rat droppings has a very sharp foul smell and their droppings are oval like an olive.

    Holes & Burrows – If you could see some small holes or burrows in the ground or along the wall, then it is a good indication that you have a rodent infestation.

    Having a rat infestation in your home is a serious thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides spreading diseases and putting everyone’s health at risk, they also cause a lot of structural damage to your property. In addition to chewing on paintings, documents, furniture and cartons, they also gnaw on electrical wires, putting your home in danger of short circuit and fire.

    Diseases Spread By Rats
    – Typhus
    – Pulmonary Fever
    – Infectious Jaundice
    – Trichinosis
    – Salmonella
    – Dermatitis
    – Hantavirus
    – Rat-bite Fever
    – Bubonic Plague
    – Leptospirosis

    The effectiveness of a rodent control method is determined by various factors such as the type of rodents giving you trouble, the extent of infestation and the current condition of your household. For your knowledge, we have listed a few rodent control methods that we would execute as a part of rodent control process.

    1. Sanitation

    One of the most effective ways to prevent rodent infestation is to keep your home clean, organised and sanitised. In addition, you should clean up the cooking & dining area after every meal, keep your floors and cupboards free of food scraps & spills, cover & store the leftover food in airtight containers, and wrap up the food scraps before throwing them in the garbage bin, feed your pets outdoor, eliminate any water source, and get rid of any clutter & garbage.

    2. Rodent Proofing

    Even the tiniest hole can serve as an entry point for rodents, so inspect the exterior of your home thoroughly, including the roof, windows and door. Seal all the cracks and openings with aluminium netting, heavy wire mesh, copper gauze or steel wool.

    3. Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents

    Rodents can’t withstand ultrasonic sound waves, so placing a device that emits these waves can encourage rodents to find their way out of your house.

    4. Rats Traps

    If you are good at setting the traps, you can easily catch and eliminate the rodents away from your home. All you need to do is to place as many traps as possible in areas where you notice high rodent activity.

    5. Rodenticides

    When necessary these poisoned baits are effective at eliminating the rodents, but they can be harmful to your family members, pets and environment. Please consult with professionals before executing this method.

    Fill Holes, Cracks & Gaps

    Rats can get into the holes that are just about the size of a quarter. So, inspect your home for any openings and seal them with caulk, cement, plaster, hardware cloth or steel wool.

    Cover Your Food & Garbage Cans

    Rats are so resourceful that they can easily find things to eat around your property. So, you should be diligent while dealing with them. Cover your food items and store them properly, dispose of the garbage cans regularly, clean the spilled food immediately, feed the pets before dusk and don’t store any pet food outside.

    Eliminate The Clutter & Keep Your House Clean

    Eliminate the piles of debris, clutter and garbage found around your property as they could become a breeding ground for the rodents. Also, keep your house clean – this doesn’t mean vacuuming your home every day. Rather, it is about disposing of unwanted things from your home and keeping the space neat, organised and clean.

    Call Rat Removal Experts

    If you don’t have time, sources or feel comfortable removing rats yourself, call in our professionals. With many years of experience in dealing with rat infestations, we can exterminate them from your home quickly and safely.

    Inspection – Upon your request, our rat control expert will arrive at your home at the scheduled time and carry out a thorough inspection of your property to figure out any evidence of an infestation.

    Install Bait Systems – After inspecting your home, we will set up bait systems in the areas that are infested by rats. As rat baits are poisonous, we keep them in an enclosed bait system, making them non-dangerous to children and pets.

    Set Traps – In those areas where the bait systems can’t be installed, we set up traps to catch those annoying creatures.

    Once rats become comfortable in the hideouts they found in your home, they start to breed. The more you wait, the more they grow in population. So, when you notice any signs of rat infestation, feel free to call our rat removal experts on (03) 8592 4758.

    Typically, it takes around two weeks to one month to get rid of rats, but it depends merely on the type of rats invaded your home, the level of infestation and the type of rats and rodent control method we deploy.


    Setting traps and installing bait systems are the most effective ways of getting rid of rats fast. While both the methods can kill rats instantly, traps are eco-friendly whereas bait systems can be harmful to your family and environment.


    Rats are nocturnal creatures, and they become more active between dusk and dawn. They stay away from humans during the daytime.


    You can look for signs of rats under decks, dark areas, around doors & windows, bushes, woodpiles, yard debris and other cluttered areas.

    As long as the nest has not been disposed of, rats would return to the same nest. Even if one rat finds its way into your home, it will multiply faster.

    We are Melbourne’s best rat removal company offering reliable and affordable mouse, rodent and pest control services. If you notice any signs of rodent infestations, feel free to call our rat removal experts on (03) 8592 4758.

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