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There are a number of pests that can make a problem. It can indeed be frightening and gruesome for some people with a phobia. The pests could range from a spider to a rodent. No matter how much you love the jerry mouse in the Tom and Jerry cartoons, you would not be happy to have rats moving about freely in the place you live. When you have the slightest doubt that the building is infested with rats, you have got to opt for professional Rat Removal Melbourne services measures to ensure safe and legal rat removal and using pest control measures that are less harmful to the occupants.

Rodent problem in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia. It is considered as the most liveable city. But, if you were to ask if there are any problems in Melbourne, you would most probably come across one answer. It is a rat problem. The rodent problem is prevalent whether it is the city or the suburbs. You can try rat control measures that can offer temporary relief. But, the ideal option is to go in for professional services that can get rid of the black and brown rats that are known to wreak havoc in residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne. 

Why is it important to get rid of the rodents at any cost?

Rodents are easily the most destructive pests that you can come across. They make the food preparation areas unhygienic and contaminate the food t materials that you store. They have a really sharp teeth and they seem to have a liking for the wiring material. They gnaw on them. This could  at times be very troublesome and at times could result in damages that are quite heavy. Last but not least the rodents as such can transmit a number of diseases and apart from that they might also bring in other pests such as lice, mite, etc which cling to them to feed on their blood. Some of the most common  diseases that are life-threatening and associated with rodents includes Plague, Leptospirosis, Murine typhus and Salmonellosis.

And others. That is why, it is important to get rid of these rodents at least by hiring the services of rat removal services in Melbourne.

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Common Rat Species

Below are some of the common rat species found in Melbourne.

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Steps Involved in Rodent or Rat Control

For a rat to survive in a place there is a necessity for three basic environmental factors.  They are 

  • Food
  •  Water 
  •  Shelter or harborage

The rat pest control measures you may adopt should be aimed at eliminating these in the first place. this is not that simple. But, let us see how you can go about it

Step 1

Eliminating Food and Water

This the first step towards rat pest control and includes steps that are inclusive of but are not limited to

  • Removing all sources of food from the premises. It includes even trivial things such as birdseed that you are used to keeping for birds and the leftover pet food that usually lies there. the rat pest control measure also includes harvesting the ripe fruit at the right time and cleaning up the yard if the ripe fruit has fallen on the ground.
  • Not storing food in plastic containers that can be gnawed by rodents and also ensuring that it is not stored in garages or sheds which are susceptible to rodent entry.
  •  Ensuring that the pet feces is also cleaned up immediately. This is one of the  favorite food items for the rats
  •  Ensuring that repair work in the house in the form of leaking pipes are addressed and also ensuring that the drains are kept closed tightly at all times.
Step 2

Destroying Rats

The Rat Removal Melbourne services you hire would follow a step by step procedure to trap or destroy the rats.  They have the expertise, license, and experienced team to do it for you. However, you may also try capturing the rodents using traps in areas that you consider to be the nesting area of the rats. You may use baits and trap mats to attract the rat and get it trapped in the sticky mat. However, using poisonous baits for killing rats is not recommended . if The rat pest control services, however, are licensed to use it and may use it following the guidelines The rats that are captured have to be put in sealed containers and disposed of properly. The rat pest control service providers do all this and also get the area sanitized and disinfected after their job is done.

Step 3

Eliminating Shelter and Harborage

You may wonder if this step is relevant having trapped the rats and disposed of them in step two. But this is an essential step to prevent reinfestation. This includes steps that include removing trash and debris without letting them to accumulate,  trimming trees, bushes, vines etc at regular intervals and ensure that they are away from the roof. Sealing all possible entry points of rats based on the assessment done by the rat pest control service provider’s inspection report.

When you opt for the services of a reputed Rat Removal Melbourne service provider in the market, you would not only be assured of rodent-free living space but would also be assured of having taken measures that prevent reindentation. This is indeed a great relief.