What Entices Rats To Your Home

What Entices Rats To Your Home?

When it comes to dirty pests, rats top the list almost every time. They’re sneaky and have a strong sense of smell which is both an advantage & disadvantage. Let’s tell you why. Rats used to sniff their foods before they eat and get attracted to the pleasant food smells & that’s why they come to your home.  Right from causing structural damage to messing with your edible garden, and chewing electrical wires, their tantrums are endless to bear with. Even if you spot one tiny rat, there might be a group living on your property, call rat removal professionals to visit your property or take proactive steps to curb their entry. In today’s blog, let’s take a look at the smells that entice and what you can do about them.

Rotten Fruits & Veggies

Is your fridge storing up last week’s food? Is your overgrown messy and dirty with rotting fruits and veggies? Those smells can be a delightful invite for these pesky creatures and would visit your property. So make a note to discard & remove any fallen fruits or rotten veggies from the yard. You need to maintain your fridge and throw off any rotting food from the fridge. Rats can live under appliances like fridges and washing machines.

Pet Foods & Garbage Cans

Did you know? Your pet food might be tempting for rats. So, stop leaving your pet foods out for a long time. Also, check the bird feeders and garbage cans for any sign of their entry. When you have overflowing garbage bins or smelly trash cans, rats can make a shelter near these to get access to the leftover foods.

Nuts & Cheese

Like they show in cartoons, rats do have a love for crunchy nuts and pleasant-smelling fresh cheese. If you have the storage cabinets, make sure to store these in air-tight containers to stop their entry.  Aside from securing the groceries, fruits, and dairy products, be sure to maintain good sanitation and keep the cabinets properly sealed.

If rats are keeping you stressed & annoyed, call experts from Rats Removal Melbourne. For house inspections, call Rats Removal Melbourne on (03) 8592 4758 today.

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