Annoyed Of Cockroaches? Get Rid Of Them – Here’s How?

“You have a cockroach on your shoulder” is one of the funniest & dirtiest pranks, friends & family used to play at home back in the days. They look small, fly to a certain extent, are dirty and smelly & even transmit diseases. They are allergic to everyone at home, office, hotels and other commercial setups. The word cockroach is itself enough to make your skin crawl. They are the most unlikely pest one can ever find at home. No matter how clean you keep your home, they still show up with 100% attendance in every area of your home. This is where pest control Melbourne services come as a saviour to get rid of the dirty critters from your home. If cockroaches are there, likely rats will also be there. So, consider hiring a rat removal Melbourne service to address both the concerns.

Before you plan to kill them, know what they’re attracted to and fix all the issues at home like dirty corridors, filthy kitchen, overflowing dustbins, unkempt rooms, sweaty beddings and overgrown gardens & seal any small gaps and crevices.

Cut Down Their Food Access

Cockroaches eat just about anything & your leftover meat, gravy and the unwashed dirty dishes in the sink, abandoned pet foods entice cockroaches to your door. So, clean any spills and food crumbs after every meal and sanitise the area thoroughly. Be sure to seal the kitchen groceries tightly.

Check The Leaky Pipes

Cockroaches also need water to thrive. So they use your faucets and kitchen sinks to get enough water and roam around the kitchen. You must check for leaky faucets and sinks and use any cockroach spray to clear them.

Keep The Rooms Clean & Tidy

When the temperature dips, the cockroaches enter the home. They love to live in quiet, unclean and forgotten places like the back of the appliances, basements and attic. So make sure to clean these hideout spots and keep changing the curtains and move the furniture and appliances to clean the missed cleaning spots.

If you’re facing a severe cockroach infestation, get help from the pest control experts like Rats Removal Melbourne. For appointments, call 03 8592 4758.

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