Rat Removal Donnybrook

If your home is infested by rats and you’re looking for rat removal services in Donnybrook, look no further than Rats Removal Melbourne. As a trusted pest control team in Melbourne, we provide reliable rat removal solutions to our customers in Donnybrook and surrounding suburbs. Rats can take over your property and turn it into breeding homes, increasing their population at your home. To protect your home from full-blown rat infestations, we get to the root cause of the issue and provide solutions accordingly. Our rat control professionals are experts in locating rat shelters and their hidden colonies, providing complete solutions for all your rat issues.

Types Of Rats We Deal With

Norway Rats (Brown Rats)

Commonly known as brown rats, these are rats that invade homes. They have a thick body covered with fur and have a blunt nose. These rats usually sneak into your home via holes, cracks, entryways, and windows. Their hideout spots are basements, crawlspaces, behind appliances, inside walls, ceilings, and pipes. Norway rats like damp and dark areas and stay close to their food and water sources. At Rats Removal Melbourne, we help control these rats by recommending steps such as

  • Sealing off the cracks.
  • Cutting down the food sources.
  • Keeping the areas dry and open.
  • Using deterrents.

Our team applies safe and eco-friendly baits that help eliminate rats efficiently.

Roof Rats (Black Rats)

Roof rats are black rats that have slim, dark, and pointed noses. They are good at climbing and can enter through attics, vents, gaps, and roof lines. Their hideout spots are your attics, wall cavities near the roof, inside cabinets, and above ceilings. As these are small, they search for warm, high places to build nests. We recommend a mix of exclusion, trapping through baits, and sanitation measures to remove and control these roof rats.

We recommend

  • Cutting off overgrown trees and keeping the garden trimmed.
  • Repair the roof lines, seal vents and gaps, and pest-proof your attic.

Why Choose Our Rat Removal Service In Donnybrook?

  • We are rat removal specialists serving customers in Donnybrook and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Our team is well-trained and experienced to handle all rat problems.
  • We rat-proof your space and prevent future infestations.
  • Our rat removal costs are competitive with no hidden charges.
  • We have the experience and tools to eliminate the rats effectively and safely.

If you want rat removal in Donnybrook, call Rats Removal Melbourne at 03 8592 4758 today.

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