How Can You Identify the Type of Rats You Have in Your Home?

Do you have rats at your home? Then it would help if you wanted to make this creature out of your home as early as possible. Yes! There are indeed some best rat removal services in Melbourne, and you can approach them anytime if you want to get rid of rats that have made their nest in your home and start damaging your property.

But before you call rat control melbourne companies near you, it is always better to know the type of rats that you have in your home. Actually, there are more than 50 subspecies of rats, and each of these subspecies of rats have their own physical characteristics, behavior, specific diets. Determining the types of rats you have helps you in rat removal as well as in rat control.

Common Types of Rats Found at Homes:

Though there are various subspecies of rats but only four common types of rats are found at homes, and they are:

  • Ship Rats: These kinds of rats are either black or brown with a lighter gray or brown underside. These rats are also called black rats or roof rats, and they are generally five to seven inches long. They have tails that can be up to eight inches long, and they usually weigh up to half a pound. These rats typically eat anything they get, which may include seeds, fruit, small animals like birds, dogs, and cats, and almost everything found in their vicinity.

  • Norway Rats: These types of rats are usually brown or dark grey, and hence they are mostly called brown rats. These kinds of rats are about 20 inches long, including their tails, which made them the largest in their entire species. They can adapt to any climate and temperature zones. These rats are omnivorous and eat anything that includes small birds, eggs, small invertebrates, food scraps, etc.

  • Marsh Rice Rats: These types of rats are usually small and are only 12 inches in length or shorter than that. These types of rats are mostly found in wet and marshy areas, and they are omnivorous, which eats green vegetation, fungus, rice, small fish, snails, etc.

  • Wood Rats: These types of rats have large ears, big black eyes, and a long tail. They eat seeds, nuts, leaves, insects, small mammals, etc.

If you have these kinds of rats at your home, you must go for Rat Removal Melbourne.

How Dangerous are the Common Types of Rats?

Rats commonly found at home are also very dangerous for humans since they can cause the following problems:

  • Common types of rats that are usually found at homes can cause damage to the property

  • These types of rats can spread several kinds of diseases which can be fatal

  • Such rats can contaminate the food that we have stored somewhere at home

  • The rats that are found at home use to chew the wires due to which there is a massive risk of fires

Due to the problems mentioned above, rats exposed at home become dangerous for you, and hence it is highly necessary to go for rat removal Melbourne.

Disease Caused by the Common Types of Rats:

If you have specific types of rats at your home, then it may lead to severe conditions which are as follows:

  • Ship Rats: These types of rats use to carry several kinds of a dangerous illness that includes Bubonic plague, typhus, Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis.

  • Norway Rats: These types of rats are found to carry toxoplasmosis due to which the patient may suffer from muscle pain, fever, headaches, etc.

  • Marsh Rice Rats: These types of rats are the primary host of the Bayou virus due to which Hantavirus infections is caused in humans. Apart from that, these types of rats also use to carry Lyme disease and Bartonella, a variety of bacteria.

  • Wood Rats: These types of rats are very dangerous to humans since these creatures use to carry a wide variety of diseases that includes Arenavirus, Hantavirus, typhoid, trichinosis, bubonic plague, salmonella, and parasite-borne viruses.

Hence, it is very essential to go for Rat Removal Melbourne so that you can get rid of these types of rats and can prevent or save your family from the dangerous disease.

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