Where Do Rats Hide In Winter?

The more straight & honest answer would be – your home! It’s winter in Australia and is one of the best times for rats to take shelter in your home. Rats always prefer a warm and cozy place to pass their winter stay. Not only do they get shelter, but they also get access to unlimited food supply and water. Among the rat species, brown and black rats can survive the winter by entering houses, apartments, and commercial facilities. Their activity, gnawing, and playing will be a lull during this season; they remain alert and eat away all your food items. That’s why these are called survival machines; they can survive regardless of any season and environment. However, you don’t have to deal with them when you have rat control companies to help you out.

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Rat Hide spots

Due to the temperature drop, they move to warm spaces like offices, garages, houses, warehouses, shops, and storage areas. They can set up their home in the attic, lofts, crevices, and walls. So, be sure to seal off these areas with proper pest control measures and be aware of the sneaky creatures.

Dustbin Leftovers

Your dustbins are another attractive point for rats to take shelter in your home. So, clear the regular waste from the bin and keep the clean, dry, and empty.

Stocked Food

Stocking groceries and eatables are a norm in households during winter. If you have the habit of stocking food materials, make sure to keep in air-tight containers and storage boxes and secure them in safe areas.

Leaky Faucets & Pipelines

Also, check the working condition of your pipelines, faucets, and sinks, and seal the open pipelines. If there is a leaking faucet or slow drain, rats may be the culprit. Mostly rats live under kitchen sinks to eat the leftover crumbs.

So be sure to check & seal all the areas and leave no room for these pesky creatures to enter your home. If rats are active during winter at your home or you’re worried about rat infestation, call Rats Control Melbourne on 03 8592 4758 today.

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