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3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Roof Rats Fast in 2020

This is the complete guide on how to get rid of roof rats in 2020. You might be having roof rats in your house, you have tried several methods to get rid of them but none seems to work, you have spent so much money on them to be able to get some peace of mind but none seems to work. You have read so many books, articles to get an idea on how to deal with these roof rats but none seem to work, well, in this article we will cover it. Here are some killer methods that are proven to get rid of them.

Now let’s look at what roof rats are, evidence of roof rats in your house, strategic and proven ways to get rid of roof rats and how to prevent them.

Roof rats are also known as black rats are rodents that explore indoors and outside and can be seen on rooftops, in attics, rafters, the top of trees, and other top places around your home. They are omnivores and enjoy eating leaves, seeds, and stems. Moreover, they feed on small prey such as insects and birds for survival. One surprising thing about these black rats is that daily, they eat about 15 grams of food and drink 15 millilitre of water. They weigh about 15 ounces and their bodies are 5 to 7.5 long.

Evidence of Roof Rats:

Now that you have gotten an idea of what roof rats are, let’s look at signs or evidence that shows that roof rats exist in and around your home.

Sights and Sounds – Rats make scurrying noise once they enter your house and even around your house. They are always looking for something to feed on.

Droppings – One funny thing about these roof rats is that whenever they are traveling or moving, they leave feces around. So it’s sometimes easier to detect that a roof rat has entered into your house. Their droppings measure ¼ to ½ inch long and they are capsule-shaped with blunt ends.

Tracks – Roof rats make tracks that show their movements.

Proven Ways to Control and Get Rid of Roof Rats

Roof rats have been giving you headaches but now is the time to get the solution to that problem. Proven and strategic ways on how to get rid of roof rats in your homes and how to control them are available. These proven and strategic ways are explained as follows.

Baiting and trapping, sanitation and exclusion are the best way to get rid of them. They are explained below.

1. Sanitation

  • Roof rats need water and food to survive. To reduce roof rats, do the following and you will never regret it.

  • Clear weeds, vegetation that you don’t need or that are not used around your home

  • Remove papers and clipboards that are no longer useful to you or else they will end up using it to build their nests. If you need these papers or clipboards, keep them in a nice place where they will not be able to reach.

  • Store your food in refrigerators to prevent them from reaching. Also, cover your foods with well food covers to prevent them from eating them. You can fall ill when these rats urinate into them, put their mouth in.

  • Cover up your garbage cover tightly

2. Exclusion

  • If you are in search of a way on how to get rid of roof rats, exclusion is one good technique. Roof rats take advantage of small holes. They can enter into your homes and structures through them. Moreover, if you don’t close your door, windows, air-ventilated areas well, they will enter into them. So make sure you seal up every hole in your house with cement if it is your wall, if it’s your structure, try and get a carpenter to close it for you with wood, caulk, mesh or any appropriate material.

  • Employ copper mesh around places or gaps where pipes enter homes

3. Baiting and Trapping

You can reduce the population of rats with baiting or trapping. Baiting employs rodenticides to kill rodents. You need to take note of this, roof rats are very, I mean very smart but not bright. So to get them, you need to put the trap to where they normally pass and wait patiently.

You’ve now gotten the proven and strategic way to get rid of these roof rats. In addition to this, we will discuss some points on rat control.

Rat Removal Services or Rat Removal Companies in Melbourne

It’s time for me now to show rat removal services that will give you quality services. These rat removal services in Melbourne are aware of deadlines, quality of work and time management, they are ever ready to help you get rid of these roof rats to be able to get some peace of mind, they also ensure that at the end of the day, every minute paid for, is accounted for and every cent spent is worth it. So without much further, let me show you these services. There are two types of rats in Melbourne; the black rat also known as roof rats and brown rat, also known as sewer rats.

Now at the first sign of the presence of rats, it’s advisable to contact or seek professional rat control melbourne companies. These companies are as follows;

  • Pest control empire

  • Fantastic pest control

  • Enviro safe rat removal services

  • Rat removal Melbourne

  • Pest line pest control

  • WR Gay Pest Control

This is their specialty. Their job is to make sure that you get some peace of mind by dealing with these roof rats. When you call them to your homes they do three strategic things;

  • Inspect to identify the pest

  • Inspect to identify likely entry points

  • Inspect to identify likely food sources

Now after they do this, they now find a strategy to eliminate the problem. This includes snap traps, glue pads, tracking powder, baiting of the roof cavity and or subfloor. How to get rid of roof rats is not a bigger task now. Simply follow the above steps to keep the roof rats away.

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